Video Poker Glossary

Basic Video Poker Glossary

Video Poker Definitions

Video Poker Definitions

Action – Noun. The total of how many dollars are bet in a gambling session.

Bank – Noun. A succession of electronic gaming devices in a casino.

Bankroll – Noun. The funds someone has set aside to gamble with.

Bet max – Noun. A button on an electronic gaming device which places the maximum bet.

Bonus – Noun. Additional money added to an online casino player’s account in order to entice new customers.

Bonus poker – Noun. A type of Jacks or Better that features bonus payouts for certain hands.

Carousel – Noun. See “bank.” Also refers to multiple banks.

Cash back – Noun. A casino rebate program based on how much money a player wagers.

Cash out – Verb. To withdraw one’s money from an electronic gaming device.

Coin in – Noun. The dollar amount put into an electronic gaming device.

Comps – Noun. Free stuff that a casino offers gamblers who wager a lot of money. Usually includes accommodations, food, event tickets, and travel.

Credits – Noun. A point value that equates to the amount of money deposited in an electronic gaming device.

Cycle – Noun. Number of hands it takes to hit a video poker machine’s jackpot. This is based on mathematical expectation rather than actual results.

Deuces Wild – Noun. A video poker game in which all two’s are wild cards.

Discard – Verb. To throw away a card in a poker hand so that one can draw a new card.

Draw – Verb. To receive a new card in place of one that’s been discarded.

Drawing hand – Noun. A poker hand that needs to be improved in order to win.

Electronic gaming device – Noun. A gambling machine. Video poker, slot machines, video blackjack, and video roulette are examples of electronic gaming devices.

Expected return – Noun. The long term, mathematical expectation of how much money is won or lose on a particular game using a particular strategy.

Expert play – Noun. The mathematical correct play in almost every situation.

Face cards – Noun. In a deck of cards, the jack, queen, or king.

Flush- Noun. A poker hand in which all five cards are of the same suit.

Four of a kind – Noun. A poker hand in which four cards are of the same rank.

Full house – Noun. A poker hand in which three cards share one rank and two more cards share another rank. A combination of three of a kind and a pair at the same time.

Full pay – Adjective. Describes a video poker machine with the best possible pay table.

Hand – Noun. The five cards one is dealt in a poker or video poker game.

House edge – Noun. The percentage amount of each wager that a casino expects to keep in the long run.

Inside straight – Noun. A drawing hand in which only one card can complete the straight.

Jacks or Better – Noun. The most common type of video poker game played. The game’s rules are similar to five card draw.

Joker Poker – Noun. A video poker game with a 53 card deck that includes a joker. Similar to Jacks or Better. AKA “Jokers Wild.”

Kicker – Noun. A high card that’s held in hopes of drawing a high pair.

Multi-hand – Adjective. Describes a game in which you can play more than one hand at a time.

Odds – Noun. One way of describing the probability of an event.

Outside straight – Noun. A drawing hand in which a straight can be made by two cards.

Pair – Noun. A hand in which two cards are of the same rank.

Pat hand – Noun. A winning hand which can’t be improved.

Payback – Noun. The amount that an electronic gaming device returns on each bet over the long run. “Payback” is usually expressed as a percentage. If it’s over 100%, the player has an advantage, but if it’s under 100%, the casino has the advantage. See also: “House edge.”

Payoff – Noun. The amount won on a particular video poker hand.

Pay table – Noun. The chart on a video poker machine that lists the payoffs for various hands.

Progressive jackpot – Noun. A jackpot amount that grows over time as additional bets are made on an electronic gaming device. Progressive jackpots are often “networked,” which means that multiple machines feed the jackpot amount.

Push – Noun. Any situation where the casino and the player tie. No money is won or lost by either party.

Rank – Noun. The value of a playing card.

RNG – Noun. Acronym for “random number generator,” which is a computer program that creates the results on an electronic gaming device.

Royal flush – Noun. The best possible hand in poker. A straight in which all five cards share the same suit, and the cards are 10JQKA.

Short pay – Noun. The opposite of a “full pay” game. A short page game has a pay table that is less than optimal for that game.

Slot club – Noun. A loyalty club run by a casino which provides comps and cash back to members.

Straight flush – Noun. A straight that’s also a flush.

Suit – Noun. A categorization of playing cards according to color and symbol. The traditional suits are hearts, clubs, spades, and diamonds.

Three of a kind – Noun. Three cards of the same rank.

Two pairs – Noun. A hand that contains two pairs of different ranks.

Wild card – Noun. A card in a poker game which can substitute for any other card in order to create a better hand.